The project

Bramley & Gage approached us, looking for a contemporary re-design of their flagship product 6 O’Clock Gin. GC were tasked with re-inventing the brand, redesigning the bottle (including shape and colour) and the digital production for the product (which included video content a microsite, e-commerce website and a number of other digital and print assets). I’m not going to go into great detail about the packaging design or even the website but if you’re interested please do check out our case studies for 6 O’Clock Gin, Fruit Liqueurs and Bramley & Gage.

In this blog I want to focus on the editorial and video content we produced as it’s something we love to do here at GC.

Still life editorial

Editorial photography for product packaging is an essential part of the process for us at GC: wether it’s for use on the web, press releases, blogger outreach or magazine features, you need imagery to show off your new shiny packaging in all it’s glory.

For 6 O’clock Gin, we needed to produce the photographic assets for the launch of the new brand along with the all the assets we needed to create their new website. We decided to go for traditional in-situ shots as the photography was for a more general purpose, as opposed to any specific ad campaign. We took a number of shots in different locations with the focus on the new bottle, experimenting with different serving suggestions in order to create a bit of a standout – below you can see 6 O’Clock Gin paired with a delicious Negroni. If you haven’t tried this combination, I highly recommend you do… preferably with 6 O’clock Gin! 👌🍹

Behind the scenes

Below you can see a video we put together to give you a peek behind the curtain of the shoot for 6 O’Clock Gin. The location shoot took place over a day and we aimed to walk away with 6-8 high quality shots for commercial use.

For any camera nerds who may be reading this, I’m sure you want to know the kit we used: the camera was a Phase One P30 digital medium format system. We also mixed both flash and continuous (tungsten) lighting and daylight where we needed. Working with ice etc. is always tricky so we used a variety of prepping kit but we have to keep some secrets! 😉

Studio photography

We needed to create some more isolated assets for the 6 O’Clock Gin website alongside the other shots, so we hit the studio. These shots included some standard on-white photography, back and fronts etc. for the e-commerce part of the project. We also used these shots to create promotional graphics like the example below. However, this wasn’t all…

The website contains a number of unique features which you can see in the video below (or alternatively head to the website to see the real thing). The most notable feature created is the scroll triggered rotating bottle which takes pride of place on the site – this was achieved by taking a sequence of photos while spinning the bottle using a turntable. These photos of the bottle were then sequenced in the code to display in order on scroll as well as to move from right to left. Scroll triggered video was a possibility, however it was ruled out because we wanted the image to be as high resolution as possible. We were really pleased with the final result and we hope you like it too!

The kit we used for the shoot was very similar, however the studio environment allowed us complete control and consistency of the lighting which was essential for these assets.

Video Production

Here at GC, we are constantly trying to integrate digital and video production in interesting ways. For 6 O’clock Gin we produced a short video to show off the making of their product, which you can see below; this was used in a number of instances across the web. The concept stemmed from the design of Bramley & Gage’s main website homepage where we created two videos that placed the making of both their Gin and their Fruit Liqueurs at the forefront of the design. The user can switch between the videos that parody one another by simply hovering over either side of the screen. This effect was aimed to highlight both the similarities and the differences between Bramley & Gage’s products while also conveying the company’s diversity in the small real estate available on the homepage. If you’re interested check it out here!

Behind the scenes

For this shoot we decided we wanted to incorporate movement into all of the shots; to this end we used a DJI ronin 3 axis Gimbal to ensure we had smooth, steady shots. Combining a macro 100mm lens with am Fs700 meant we could pick out the finer details of the ingredients, as a Macro lens gives you an incredibly shallow depth of field and so moving the Gimbal and keeping focus was always going to be a challenge. To counter this challenge, we attached a wireless follow focus so that our operator could keep the focus crisp and exactly where he wanted it.

We hope you enjoyed gaining a insight into the what goes into a project like this. If you’re interested in talking through a project with us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!