The decision to create our character came about quite naturally; we loved the idea of having an avatar that could inject an element of fun into our business as well reflect our personality as an agency. The character aptly named ‘GC’ will help to extend the reach of our brand as he grows and develops with our business. We felt this would be a perfect project for the talented illustrator, Harry Nesbitt, whose work we had followed and admired for a long time. Harry was a pleasure to work with and really understood what we were trying to achieve. Anyway enough from me, have a look at how the project progressed!

We felt that making the character anthropomorphic would allow for a great deal more flexibility in future designs and allow for a much larger array of emotions to be portrayed. We decided early on that we weren’t going to worry to much about making him lifelike, we know Chameleons can’t close their eyes but ours can!

Above you can see the development of the character’s range of emotions, we worked with Harry to create a number of character variations for different uses on our new website. Once we decided on the variations we wanted, Harry begun working up ‘GC’ in colour.