The brief

Bristol-based rum startup Burning Barn approached Green Chameleon with little more than a basic product, the outline of a story and a name, looking to create a full and recognisable brand from scratch.


This project encompassed packaging design, branding, copy and designing assets, working alongside Burning Barn to create a unique and powerful brand with packaging to match.


The central hook of the branding revolved around the family barn – belonging to the company’s owners – that burnt down and had to be rebuilt and now exists as their base of operations. This story informed the whole project, from the company’s slogan that we created (‘Forged From The Fire’) to the flame motifs applied across marketing collateral and the fonts and colours used across the packaging.

The logo that sits of the centre of Burning Barn’s packaging is an eye-catching representation of the titular barn set ablaze, but created in a streamlined manner that allows it to be versatile enough to be applied across Burning Barn’s whole range in whatever colour variant or location is necessary. The Green Chameleon team ensured that this bold logo can be transformed in all manner of ways whilst retaining its unique and energetic identity. Accompanying this central logo is a more simplistic brand icon, consisting of the brand’s initials overlapping in rugged type to create a neat encapsulation of the character of Burning Barn.

We sought to create packaging that captured the sizzling energy of the rum’s appropriately smoked flavour whilst also helping to tell the story that informed Burning Barn’s brand. To create a level of hierarchy throughout the brand’s packaging, it was necessary for us to explore a series of font combinations. We opted to use a clean, condensed typeface to maximise size and legibility for the brand name and product description, combining it with a chunky serif typeface for Burning Barn’s copy to allow for uncluttered brand storytelling.

When it came to finalising Burning Barn’s packaging, we knew we had to make the product stand out on the increasingly cluttered shelves. With a growing target market of premium spirit drinkers we wanted the packaging to share the same rugged and standout aspects as the rum contained as a means for Burning Barn to be initially interesting and eventually immediately recognisable. To achieve this bold look, we used an uncoated black stock for the base label and a recycled, uncoated white stock for the batch label, both with a fantastic tactile feel that instantly produces a touch of quality. We combined these paper stocks with matte foils and metallic inks, helping to create a level of contrast between the brand and product, with the foil punching out from its dark background.

We felt that gold and silver were the most effective colour choices for the Burning Barn packaging: this combination perfectly lent itself to the rum’s two central flavours and the brand’s story of the smoke and fire that incinerated the family barn and acted as a catalyst for the entire product.


The gold foil holds hints of copper, yellow and orange – colours we associate with fire and spice – and the silver added created tones of blue, purple and greys that perfectly echoed the smoking barn imagery found throughout the project.

The finished branding and packaging succinctly capture the story of Burning Barn’s amazing backstory whilst placing their unique character and product front-and-centre.