Art Vinyl recently announced their shortlist for the Best Album Cover of 2016 which got the team at Green Chameleon thinking about some of our favourites. Sleeve design is a huge part of the presentation of an artist’s music, influencing the listener before they’ve even heard a note and hopefully leaving a lasting impression, forming part of the entire package of the audience’s experience. We love great design at Green Chameleon and thought we’d compile a list celebrating some of our favourite album design:

Woman – Justice


‘I have no idea if it’s a physical or digital creation but the psychedelic colours against the dark metal texture really caught my attention!’

Chosen by: Nathan Riley, Design Director. 

Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers


‘The album cover is very simple but very memorable and always makes you looks twice – which is a winning formula! Californication was the first album I bought and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were the first band I ever saw live so that factors into it too.’

Chosen by: Tom Anderson, Creative Director.

Quality Control – Jurassic 5


‘I love this album cover as it reminds me of growing up and discovering Jurassic 5 and all the discoveries they’d lead me onto!’

Chosen by: Rollo Lewis, Marketing Director.

Keep It Unreal – Mr. Scruff


‘I like Keep It Unreal‘s cover because it’s so abstract and artistic – being from a creative background I appreciate it as a piece of art and as a portrait. I also think I love it because it’s so disjointed and unusual it reflects a lot of his work.’

Chosen by: Jess Caddick, Lead Designer.

The Epic – Kamasi Washington

The Epic

‘The monochrome use of the colour, the mystical feel of the image and the powerful profile of the saxophonist make this album cover.’

Chosen by: Alex Astin, Client Services.

A Weird Exits – Thee Oh Sees


‘I love album covers that are indicative of the experience you’re about to have listening to the music. Thee Oh Sees always have brilliant album covers but I especially love this David Beatty-designed cover for A Weird Exits which captures the haunted labyrinth the listener is about to explore.’

Chosen by: Joseph Fuller, Content Strategist.