Green Chameleon are thrilled to have made the front page of this month’s Web Designer! Our very own developers Paul Thomas and Mike Babb were featured, writing an informative and well-received article on the possibilities of creating with CSS4 and HTML5.1.

You can read the full article by picking up a copy of Web Designer but in the meantime here are some key takeaways:

On keeping up-to-date:

‘Keeping up-to-date with what’s available to you as a developer is vital as it means that you can improve your workflow, create features that weren’t previously possible and aid the user with improved state highlighting and semantics.’

On CSS changes in 2017:

The biggest change this year is CSS4 selectors. We are now able to select a great number of states that we either couldn’t do before or relied on JavaScript to achieve. The input validity selectors are going to be a great time saver.

On new CSS models:

The new CSS modules enhance the language with capabilities that developers have been previously lacking. Variables in particular are so powerful and flexible that you might already be using them with one of the number of frameworks – such as Sass and LESS – that feature them as a main selling point.