Hello, I’m Joseph, Green Chameleon’s newly-appointed Content Strategist – that’s me in the incredibly natural photo above. A few months ago I was slumped, bleary-eyed in a career I didn’t care about and I decided that a change of scene was in order and decided to take a chance on myself and head to Bristol.

I’d often come to Bristol to look round galleries, attend gigs at fondly-remembered venue The Croft and indulge my inner West Country bumpkin with all the great cider available. The emerging creative scene in the South West is also at an exciting point, with venues like the Arnolfini and Colston Hall attracting diverse talents and all kinds of talented designers, illustrators, writers, musicians and videographers finding their way to Bristol through university or through their career. I knew Bristol was the place to be and was familiar with Green Chameleon’s work, having seen their work with 6 O’Clock Gin, and when I visited their website I saw that a Copywriting Internship was up for grabs; I decided to back myself and leave my job, knowing I had something to offer and needing the opportunity to prove it.

Post-interview, I was invited into the office and set to editing work across newsletters and articles for clients, trying to imbue personality and purpose into each task. Building on this work, I was later invited to work on internal branding and eventually started shaping Green Chameleon’s tone of voice for the future. Working with the design team, we created icons and ideas around the expressions used in what became a very fulfilling and exciting project (keep your eyes peeled!). The Green Chameleon team are a welcoming bunch, and I was invited to go for a curry, attend creative talks and carve pumpkins (!) as I found my feet.

The team later asked if I was interested in taking on a Content Strategist role – and I think you can guess what my answer was! Since becoming a member of the team, I’ve got to take part in all kinds of work, creating scripts, online campaigns, articles, ideas and interviews with plenty more to come. The past few months have been a sweet learning experience and it’s been really gratifying to take a gamble on myself and for it to pay off. Pursuing your passion is always worthwhile – if you find an opportunity to do so, I can’t recommend it enough, whether that’s through volunteering, internship, or otherwise. If you’ve found something you love, it’s time to put it to use!