Following his internship with us, we sat down with young Designer Jack Harvatt to discuss his time with us, what he’s learned and what he’s going to carry forward.

Hey Jack, how did you end up working with Green Chameleon?
I saw GC’s work online on Dribbble around 4 or 5 years ago and thought it was really cool – then I realised they were a local agency in Bristol which made it even cooler. I thought I had something to offer the agency so I submitted my portfolio and got to work in the studio and I’ve been interning happily here for 4 months now… I was only meant to be here a few weeks!

What was your experience before working with us?
There was no real commercial experience before I started working with GC. Instead, my experience came from my own personal work and from being at university for 2 years (and the tiniest bit of freelance). My prior experience was helpful and I always thought I had the skills and the talent needed to be valuable at an agency and am very happy to have been proven right.

What were your expectations going into this internship?
I wasn’t sure actually and didn’t think about it too much. I just went with my feeling and applied – I knew the company had worked on a load of interesting projects and knew I wanted to be a part of that. I’ve ended up feeling more like a member of a team than a traditional intern which has been great as I’ve been involved in loads of different types of work and have felt like a worthwhile addition to Green Chameleon.

Did you get any particular guidance from the team during your internship?
I’ve learned a lot on the web design side of things whilst working here. Nathan has a great eye for web design and all the dev team has taught me the do’s and don’ts of creating concepts for web. I’ve learned to consider the practical application of my projects and how they’re going to appear on the web and get replicated by coding.

What projects did you get to work on during your time with us?
Loads! The highlight for me was my logo being chosen for a big brand we’re working with and I never thought that would happen for me so early on in my career. Another highlight was working on an exciting upcoming web app and I was thrilled to contribute and gain experience. I also got to be very creative with some internal re-branding of Green Chameleon and I’m excited to see how that all turns out too.

What was your favourite bit of work you produced while working with us?
The logo is a key component of a whole upcoming project so I’m really proud to have had my design selected there! That’s still sinking in for me.

Is there a particular skill you’ve learned or ability you’ve honed during your internship?
Learning to add motion to my work: it’s something I’d dabbled in before but never really had the confidence to do. I’m far braver in my use of after-effects now I’ve completed my internship and have had the opportunity to put them into practice in different circumstances.

What advice would you give to a young creative seeking an internship?
Just go for it – no matter how big or small the organisation you want to work with, if you have confidence in your work then good things will happen.