In this series, we’ll be interviewing the Green Chameleon team and discovering what drives them and what’s lead them to working here. In this interview, we’re talking to Nathan Riley, Green Chameleon’s Design Director.

Hey Nathan, what’s your role at Green Chameleon?
Design Director.

What does an average day at Green Chameleon look like for you?
Generally speaking, it’s lots of day-to-day account managing: talking to clients, making sure they’re happy and making sure our design work is on-track. As Design Director, my role is also fairly hands-on; leading design on a project or overseeing the rest of our design team – basically making sure all our creative work is cohesive and fits in with our vision for the project we’re working on.

What inspired you to start designing?
Back when I was a teenager I was mad about skateboarding as I grew up in a small village where that was all there was to do. Eventually, me and a friend decided to create our own website based on our love for skating that contained trick tips, tutorials and general videos of us falling over. This process got me into designing, as we learnt how to create a website and learnt about the coding that powers it, whilst also learning how to use cameras to create video and photography for the site. Working on this skateboarding site got me interested in Photoshop – or Corel Draw at the time – and this got me really into editing and see what I was capable of doing with images.

That skate website actually got me work experience in a design agency when I was 15 as they were impressed with the work I’d done independently, and this lead to a summer job which got me believing I could design for a living. Throughout school I studied art, photography and design but it was ultimately my hobbies outside of school that really fuelled my passion for design.

What’s been your favourite project so far?
Inside Asia Tours is a project that stands out as the whole team used their different skillsets when tackling the project: we utilised design, video, animation and illustration throughout, and it was incredibly satisfying to see the project be so successful after all the hard work we put into it.

What’s your dream project or brief?
An extreme sports brand, such as Red Bull or a biking brand, is the first thing that comes to mind. That being said, I loved working with 6 O’Clock Gin and seeing our work being tangibly displayed, so more work within the Food & Drink industry is also an exciting prospect. I personally would love to work with a streetwear brand like Stüssy or Carhartt too, that would be epic!

What is the most gratifying part of your job?
It would have to be client satisfaction and the feeling that you’ve done a great job: it’s amazing when the client is as excited as you are about a project and knowing that you’ve met their requirements. Being recognised in the industry is also very rewarding; receiving awards, whilst not being why we work, is a nice form of validation.

It’s also incredibly gratifying that the successes we enjoy comes from the work we put in at our agency and this feeds back into Green Chameleon and drives us and helps us grow.

What’s the last great film you saw?
The Lobster: much to my girlfriend’s distaste at the opening scene, the concept and originality of the film made it very memorable.

What’s the one piece of design that everyone should see?
The Serial Cut portfolio: their craft and process will blow your mind and the finished pieces will delight and inspire!