Morning Ash! What’s your role at GC?
I’m currently working as Full-stack Developer, meaning that I take care of the Front and Back-end of our projects.

What does an average day look like?
Right now, because I’m fairly new, I’m getting used to how everything works: how the agency works together, how the projects work and how I work best here. I’ve been doing a lot of learning and honing my skills too.

What inspired you to start coding?
My uncle actually! He was developing in the ‘90s at the birth of the internet and by the time I was able to understand what a computer is really meant for – aside from games – I looked over his shoulder and asked for some pointers. He got me my first copy of Dreamweaver back in the day and got me enthusiastic about coding and that’s how I got started.

Where did you work prior and what skills did you learn working there?
Before Green Chameleon, I did Web Design at uni before realising it was pointless and a waste of money as it was going to be immediately outdated due to the speed that tech moves. Luckily I met a guy on my course who had a similar goal to me and we got out of uni in our second year and started our own company instead. After working there for four years I decided I fancied a change and got involved with Green Chameleon. I learned a lot of web skills – everything I needed to get the job done, alongside learning how to deal with clients, pitch proposals, manage people and take on a number of different jobs. Working that way allowed me to work on my coding whilst learning a variety of other skills.

How did you come across GC?
Running my own web design company in Bristol meant that I was always aware of the other agencies in Bristol and was cognisant of Green Chameleon early on! The project that really caught my eye was the map-based work with Inside Asia Tours and I made sure to follow the agency closely – and now I’m working here!

What do you find most gratifying about your job?
When things go right! But mostly when I get to the end of the project and everything’s work out even better than we thought it would and there’s a really satisfying end of results that makes the client happy and is equally rewarding for us too.

What’s the last great film you saw?
Split with James McAvoy was very good and really interesting – he’s great at getting into the psyche of different characters.

What piece of work should everyone reading this check out?
Particle Love – just click this.