In this series, we’ll be interviewing the Green Chameleon team and discovering what drives them and what’s lead them to working here. In this interview, we’re talking to Daniel Linthwaite, Green Chameleon’s Lead Designer.

Hey Dan, what’s your role at GC?
It’s a Creative Role so rather than a specific role, it’s more of an all-encompassing role across branding, animating, illustrating, packaging… the list goes on!

What does an average day in the studio look like?
Over the last month or so I’ve tackled a wide range of projects so my work changes from day to day; rather than a specific routine I’ll take on whatever the day demands. There are a few things that are consistent though: I go through my schedule, have a stand-up meeting and browse a few sites for inspiration. I really like Dribbble, Mashable and a range of other sites and blogs – I try to keep it varied and look outside of design sites for inspiration too.

What inspired you to start designing?
I must have been around 14 or 15 when I was taking Graphic Design at school; it was more product design focused but I really fell in love with the process of taking an idea forward into a visual. Around the same time my sister was studying Fashion at uni and had told me about Photoshop, so I started to mess around with the software, particularly the brush tools (and shout out to all those who remember the dual scatter leaf brush – I’m still yet to find a need for it, but spent hours using it back in the day). From there I continued to grow the hobby into a passion/career, and here I am today, still doing it!

Where did you work prior and what skills did you learn working there?
Before this I worked at an agency in Bath, working on a lot of magazine layouts, posters and advertising and building my skills. I learned a lot there and am enjoying bringing those skills to Green Chameleon!

How did you come across GC?
I remember hearing of Green Chameleon about 2 years ago when I first moved to Bristol and love the agency’s portfolio – it was very versatile and a there were a lot of different styles in there. When I saw the Inside Asia Tour pieces and seeing how many ideas were in there whilst it maintained a firm focus on User Experience I was sold.

What do you find most gratifying about your job?
I like being challenged and learning new things – and working here has helped me do that every day! It’s really gratifying working on diverse briefs and completing them.

What’s the last great film you saw?
The last film that I watched that stuck with me was Moonlight – I went in without knowing much about it apart from the fact that I really liked the posters. The reason for that poster design became evident as I watched the film and I loved how it looked and how the story progressed and grew.

What piece of work should everyone reading this check out?
FITC Tokyo created an animation piece that were the opening credits for OFF! – the animation was incredible and it’s ridiculous how much detail is contained in every frame.