James came to us looking for some agency design experience and after seeing his portfolio we were happy to oblige. James fitted right in at GC and was a pleasure to work with. We were very impressed with how quickly he took to agency life. Working on a variety of projects, James quickly showed us he knew what he was doing, requiring very little guidance or direction solving design challenges. Anyway that’s enough from me, here is James talking about his time at GC:

After freelance design and bar work, I really wanted the experience of working at a design studio, and at GC I was to have my first taste of studio life. Although unsure of how long the work experience was going to last (having previously arranged other work experience) I was instantly wowed by the space and vibe of the office and I felt the opportunity to stay at GC was too good to pass up.

In my first couple weeks I had undertaken an illustration project and had begun an exciting packaging project for the premium gin brand, 6 O’clock gin. Working in a studio like GC afforded me much more satisfaction than any work environment I had experienced, and with the scope of work at GC having such variety, I felt energized to continue building on my design skills.

They value pushing their work into new territory, whether it’s incorporating the latest technologies in web design, or combining new approaches and mediums to projects. The challenge of continually branching out, adding and improving on skills, is a desire I definitely have for myself and is something I strongly related to. They highly value their personal/promotional work, and any personal projects and experimentation I was carrying out was met with the same enthusiasm and critique.

After a great few months at GC I was handed what would be my final project, a large packaging project spanning a full range of products for Kiddimoto, a brand specializing in children’s balance bikes. With the volume of design, I was designing with a level of consistency whilst working closely with the client. It’s experiences like this that I had hoped for, projects that challenge you and present new experiences that help build a stronger understanding of not only the design aspect, but the entire process of working on a project.

I feel through interning at GC I was left more confident in my design ability, and with a strong desire to keep the ball rolling! I’m currently interning at another studio and thankful for the kick-start I was given at Green Chameleon.

Cheers Guys!