Always an asset

A 5,200-year old pottery bowl was discovered in Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran, depicting a 5-panel cartoon of a goat leaping to a tree, made for the viewer to rotate – proof that an extra dimension makes all the difference and has been making the difference for well over 5,000 years. Since that first recorded animation, people of all backgrounds and with all types of goals have been using animation to breathe life into their message. From silent films to satire to children’s television on a Saturday morning, animation has presented a unique and vibrant method to entice audiences to explore your story, stretching from cinemas to smartphones to games consoles.

Vibrant vision

We often think of animation in terms of entertainment but when it comes to advertising, we seek to entertain too. Animation allows the message and character of an organisation to be brought to life instantly, moving vibrantly and fluidly in front of the viewer.

GC’s Animator Chloe Jackson believes that: “Animation can give a project a personality and allow it to speak across multiple formats. Without animation you’re missing out – lots of other companies will incorporate animation into their projects to add an extra element”. The malleable nature of animation allows it to be experienced across platforms, giving you a tool to entertain and enthral all kinds of audiences through all kinds of apparatus. Sending a message is one thing, leaving an audience entertained is quite another – animation offers you the ability to do both.

Carrying character

It’s often written about – and often written through a negative lens – that attention spans are getting shorter, with people glued to smartphones and tablets on commutes and on couches. Whilst this means that lengthier, text-based adverts are currently out of vogue, it offers up a different, more cerebral opportunity for the more creatively-minded. Animation allows you to explore and expand on the key elements that constitute your brand, turning them from static ideas to palpable experiences for a range of audiences.

Chloe believes that accentuating your key characteristics and using animation to do so is a powerful practice: “You can do a lot more with a brand with a strong personality and animation allows you a platform to tease the true character of your organisation out: Oreo’s animation work is so fun and a great example of this. There are lots of short attention spans about and animation allows you to be memorable, faster.”

Not only will the animated medium capture the essence of a brand, but it will also ignite the passions of employees, allowing them to carry their passion into the work and allowing for brighter results. Chloe states that the “The most rewarding part of animation is making an idea come to life: even when it’s very hard work, animation always pays off. Making something move is always fun!” A great animated project allows for brilliant results for the clients, a memorable journey for the audience and a passion project for the animator: a trifecta of positives!

Super simplicity

The barrage of advertising that utilises expensive set-ups, long panning shots of the wilderness, or grand cinematics to draw an audience in are commonplace – why not shoot for something smarter and simpler? According to Chloe, “People often underrate a simple, well-executed design, but I think it helps you cut through all the noise much faster. There’s much more to animation than people initially consider.” We’ve seen animation tackle all kinds of subjects – who hasn’t had their heart strings tugged by a Pixar film? Or been tickled by the cultural satire of South Park? – with economy and poise and act as a simple conduit for bigger ideas. Animation can carry your message with this same deft ability!

Whatever your message, you’re going to want to display it beautifully and with personality, and animation gives you the tool to do so. To learn how we can make your message come to life through animation, video, copy, packaging or craft – or a combination of all of the above! – please do get in touch.