Inside Asia Tours - Animated Video

By bringing the locations Inside Asia Tours cover to life through this vibrant animated video, we were able to give their audience a flavour of the journey they could potentially take, alongside illustrating the difference IAT can make to their customer’s travelling experiences.

We began this video by identifying strong, simplistic styles which would stand out and allow us scope to be creative and flexible. The colours used throughout the video were carefully considered, with each section of Inside Asia Tour’s offer receiving a different colour treatment (Japan was green, for example) to give each country a distinct visual feel. We felt that by making the scenes in the video really colourful and detailed it would draw viewers in and help to sell the idea of venturing to Asia. Alongside their audience, Inside Asia Tours were also able to benefit from this video as it featured strong graphic motifs that really worked to solidify their visual identity.

What we did

Story Boarding
Motion Graphics
Sound Editing

A few of our favourite stills

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