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We worked with Open Colleges Australia to help build SEO value around their web domain for this aforementioned reason, to gain greater prominence in search.

Utilising interactive web design techniques, we created a microsite that gave people a greater understanding of how each section of their brain works and its effect on learning. This showed the specialism of Open Colleges Australia, a major online education platform in science and fulfilled a user demand for a simple interactive diagram showing the regions of the brain.

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What we did

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Brain Map Interactive Web Design


Social Media Interactions

The project performed particularly well across social media, with the content generating 5.7k Facebook likes and shares, 2.1k Pinterest likes and shares, and thousands more across Twitter, Google+ and VK. The pickup on social also provided a noticeable boost in Open College’s following across the board.


Valuable Seo Links

The key benchmark for the success of the site was links generated back to the domain to create SEO value for Open Colleges. We exceeded the client’s expectations not only in the quantity of backlinks but with the quality of the features such as The Guardian, Entrepreneur Magazine and Popular science.


Powerful Educational Tool

In order to meet the client’s goal of creating a powerful SEO tool we needed to produce a site that was genuinely useful and interesting. With this in mind, the unique visual that we created acted as a great educational tool, we even received reports of teachers using it in classes/lectures.

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Brain Map Interactive Web Design

Interactive Infographic

After being presented with the initial content plan from the team at Open Colleges we explored a number of concepts before reaching the chosen route of an interactive brain. The main challenge we faced was taking what could be seen as quite dull content and presenting it in a way that both visually impressive and easy to digest.

"Wow your pals with knowledge about the neo-cortex, which handles senses, spatial awareness, and motor skills; say a silent thanks for your temporal lobes."

The Limbic System

In order to make the project as anatomically correct as possible, along with rendering and plotting points onto the cerebral cortex we also created the functionality to ‘zoom’ in and switch to the inner limbic system to continue exploring the brain’s inner workings.

Limbic System Web Design

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