Life Fitness at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Life Fitness approached us with the exciting task of creating a microsite to showcase their role as a sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. As the supplier of all fitness equipment to the athlete’s village and training area their involvement was a big feature for the brand and therefore needed a platform to highlight this and engage with there consumers.

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What we did

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Promotional Microsite

To raise awareness for Life Fitness’ involvement as a sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics we created a promotional microsite. The challenge faced was creating a site that provided interesting facts about the Olympic games themselves whilst also introducing Life Fitness brand elements in a subtle and non-interfering way. The result is a one page highly animated & interactive microsite with many fun little interactions and features. The project was viewed by over 50,000 unique users in the month, gaining 100s of high profile links, creating a very valuable SEO tool.

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Interactive Elements

To bring the page to life we implemented several interactive elements on the website such as the ‘X-ray’ effect you can see on the right here. The purpose of the site was to create a campaign site that was fun and engaged with Life Fitness’ users, so adding in touches like this encouraged interaction played a key part in the success of the project.

Scroll Triggered Animations

As the content of the site is all about the Winter Olympics and the individual sporting events we wanted to create a page that felt exciting and full of movement, much like the Winter Olympics themselves. To achieve this we added in a number of scroll triggered animations throughout the site, again adding to the fun and interactive theme.

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