An Interactive Promotional Campaign

InsideAsia Tours came to us with the task of creating a new piece of content that would help to raise brand awareness and connect with their existing customer base, along with providing a boost to their search engine rankings.

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What we did

Website Design & Development
Video & Animation
Marketing & SEO

Step Inside Asia has received 44,000 visits from 37,250 users in only 6 weeks.

Engaging Landing Pages

Creating an intriguing and interactive landing page was one of the most important design challenges in the project as we needed to capture potential users attention and get them interacting with the site as early on as possible. To achieve this we used steady-cam footage of someone walking or travelling along a path (or river), controlled by either swiping or holding the space bar to speed up the footage and eventually ‘Step Inside’ through to the interactive maps.

Map & Icon Illustrations

Our aim for the project was to create something truly unique and inspiring for users looking to book their next holiday. In order to do this we felt it was crucial that all the elements of the project were created from scratch, this meant creating completely bespoke illustrations of the 3 destinations along with illustrating and animating over 100 individual icons to represent the locations.

360° Photospheres

The final piece to this campaign site is the integration with Google Street View API. As a user is exploring the maps and uncovering each animation they can click through to view a completely interactive 360° photosphere. Short of going and visiting the locations, this unique experience is the perfect way of exploring the amazing destinations.

"Having worked in marketing for over 25 years, 12 years of that being in digital marketing, I’ve worked with many agencies throughout the world. I’ve found Green Chameleon to be one of those special agencies you wish all the others were like.  They deliver state of the art campaigns, but also go way beyond that of a normal agency in terms of delivery and finding that special USP that set our marketing campaigns apart. It also helps that they’re a great group of guys as well!"

Graeme Dunn, InsideAsia Tours, Marketing Manager

Interactive 360° Photospheres

Using Google Streetview API we integrated interactive photospheres of each location on the map. The ‘Random location’ feature then encourages further exploration of the country by pulling in a random photosphere. We feel the fact that these are randomly generated adds to the adventurous nature of the campaign; you could end up in someone’s front room or at the top of a mountain!

Bespoke Icon Illustration

We carefully illustrated and animated over 100 unique icons, 1 for each location that was to be plotted onto the map. Working with IAT’s expert knowledge we were able to create this illustrations very accurately, even down to the clothing and attire on the characters.

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