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Think about how many adverts you see on a daily basis: whether on your commute, in magazines or watching television. How many of these adverts stick with you after you see them?

Personally speaking, if an organisation uses their brief time with my attention to approach their product from a different angle and take me on a journey, then I tend to remember the advert and many of my friends say the same. With audiences growing more and more savvy around advertising, it’s important to engage with them correctly and in a purer fashion, as cynically telling your audience what they want is truly a dead form. Whilst many organisations now understand why having a story is important to their offer, not every organisation understands just how powerful that story can be when brought to life effectively. When brand identities evolve into stories, and thus a dialogue with their audience, they are robust and powerful devices that lead to lasting success, whether that’s financially or emotionally (or both!).

To bring your story to life, you must first identify how you want to tell it – what form does the story take? Your choice in storytelling technique is vital, as even the most enthralling backstory could become laborious and dull if stretched out through the wrong medium or told from the wrong angle.

Let’s have a look at a few examples: for a company who produce sportswear, like adidas, demonstrating your product being actively used by renowned athletes brings the prestige and quality of the brand to life whilst showing the practical application of the product. This same theory stands for string manufacturer D’Addario who are able to present the versatility of their strings through video interviews that show different musicians using them, giving them a seal of approval and credibility. Both companies offer a very different items but both understand that the best way to tell the story of their product is by showing footage of it in action, whilst being endorsed by relevant people.


Abbey Road Studios demonstrate the capabilities and the rich heritage of their stunning studios via a Webby award-winning interactive tour, giving the site’s visitors the opportunity to listen in on performances, walk around the studio, discover relics from historic recording sessions and even try their hands at mixing a track (with feedback given after). It’s one thing to claim a strong heritage, it’s quite another to successfully display it, and Abbey Roads achieve this display through their immersive site design, presenting their past and readying themselves for the future by showing the capabilities of the studio.

Abbey Road

A cause-driven site may want to bring their cause to life by actively engaging the user, with NPR’s stunning A Girl Can Dream being a prime example. Acting as a short interactive film, NPR’s website successfully brings the challenges faced by women in Afghanistan to life by having the user interact with the issues themselves, as opposed to just having them read through a glut of statistics.

When Green Chameleon worked with Inside Asia Tours we had a rich tapestry of history and geography to take the user on a journey through, so an interactive and informative map was the best choice, whilst our work with Open Colleges utilised a diagram of the brain as a means to unpack their offer and inform visitors. These interactive experiences allow a wealth of information to be discovered by the user organically and worked wonders for these briefs.

Saigon Overpass

A project such as 6 O’Clock Gin, however, required something to immediately convey the class and luxury of the product, so well-crafted packaging and striking design was the strongest route, creating a tactile relationship that is long-remembered by their audience.


If you present marketing collateral that carries you character correctly and in memorable fashion, it increases your chance of being understood and even loved in an increasingly-crowded marketplace. By utilising the correct medium, you can engage with your audience, create lasting relationships and create brand ambassadors that will carry your organisation’s spark for weeks, months and years.

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