We’re thrilled to have been featured in December’s Web Designer! Over a six-page feature, our team discussed the process of crafting an identity for 6 O’Clock Gin that extended from the packaging to their website, ‘blending grin with gin’ the entire time. We also discussed how we like to keep our meetings face-to-face, the depth of our research, the gratification that comes with a happy client and our favourite features of 6 O’Clock Gin’s website. We recommend you seek out the full feature but here are some choice excerpts:

On the brief: 

‘We fell in love with the brief and found it easy to follow a clear vision of the personas for the gin and the liqueurs’

On meetings: 

‘For us, creating a meaningful relationship with the client is as important as the success of the project… we want to be seen as the creative arm to their business’

On our process: 

‘As an agency with a diverse range of skills and knowledge in our arsenal, we really love seeing a brand come to live from initial conception all the way to the finished product’

On site layout:

‘The variations proved tricky to work around given the main design… [the designs] were revised constantly towards the end of the project, until they finally arrived at a satisfying end result’

On client relations: 

‘We believe that a balance and a harmony between the agency and the client is vital to the project’

On the site’s launch: 

‘After seeing the recognition the site has already received it’s really made those long days tweaking animations all the more worthwhile!’.