It’s been a year in the coming, but we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally made the move to our stunning new studio on King Street in central Bristol, joining some of the elite creative agencies in the South West.

It was extremely important to us to find not only a space to grow, but one that was full of character. When we saw 35 King Street Studios for the first time, there was no turning back! Fate would have it that the ground floor was available, all 1000+ square feet of it, with four metre high ceilings and a glass-fronted meeting room.

The 1870s building was previously used as a storehouse for the large quantities of cork brought in by 19th Century traders. The building remains true to its history, with its exposed ceiling, stone flooring and huge doors on the front of the building to load the crates of cork.

We are proud to be a small part of the history of this distinctive building, but for Green Chameleon, it hails in a whole new era. Not only does it allow us the space for alternative work areas away from our desks, but it also supports our ambitious plans to expand.

We have partnered with our trusted video production company and now, all operating under one roof, we’ll be delivering high-end video production alongside our rooted services in web design, branding and print.

Alongside the exciting new projects we’re working on, we have the small task of putting the GC touch on the studio’s interior. We have a clear idea on the style, which follows the building’s rustic feel. Currently we are looking at custom-made oak desks sitting on brushed metal legs, a scaffold planked dining table and a beautiful tan-coloured meeting table surrounded by white Eames chairs.

Now only a stone’s throw from the docks, with St Nick’s market on our back door step and nearby Queen’s Square as a quiet lunchtime retreat, we couldn’t have asked for a better location. So when you’re next taking a stroll down Bristol’s oldest street, please do pop in to say hello!